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"Stained glass lamp" - in the technique of Tiffany


Under the guidance of a stained glass artist, at the master class, you will make four stained glass elements 12x10 cm in size, corresponding in size to the glass openings of the finished lamp, insert them into the lantern and leave with the finished product - a masterpiece that you have worked on.

Stained glass and a complete wall lantern without a lamp are included in the cost of the master class. A lesson lasting 1-2 days for 4-5 hours in a mini group of two people, because the volume and complexity of the work requires an individual approach of the teacher.
Stained-glass lantern can be used in interior and exterior design. Easy to install, easy to use, it will always delight you with its appearance!


Colored stained glass and other materials are included in the cost of the master class. Wire, chains, suspensions, packing boxes are paid extra.

We conduct the master class in a mini group or individually, taking into account the complexity and volume of work.

We have developed for you sketches for different options for lamps. The price of the master class depends on the size and complexity of the selected product.

You can order a gift certificate for a product of any complexity: