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Broken stained glass? Need a professional restoration?

Restoration of stained-glass windows of any complexity - your favorite stained-glass window will be restored Experienced Renovator!



  • if there are cracks on the details of the stained-glass window, all the details are in place, have not fallen out, are not deformed, then the details do not need to be touched;

  • if there are broken parts on the stained-glass window, dropped glass, then the damaged area can be sealed ONLY with adhesive tape, to further prevent the glass from spilling out and preserve the shape of the broken parts or parts that may fall out;

  • please save the stained-glass windows that have fallen out or broken, they are necessary to restore the shape of the parts, and sometimes the size of the damaged product;

  • any stained-glass window is restored horizontally, so the stained-glass window is dismantled and delivered to the workshop for restoration work;

  • leave a request on the site and we will contact you.

number of parts / price for 1 


up to 50 parts per 1 m² / 
from – 1100$

number of parts / price per 1 m²


up to 150 parts per 1 m² / 
– 1300$

number of parts / price per 1 m²


up to 250 parts per 1 m² / 
– 1500$

number of parts / price per 1 m²

up to 350 parts per 1 m² / 
– 1700$

number of parts / price per 1 m²

up to 450 parts per 1 m² / 
– 00$

number of parts / price per 1 m²

up to 550 parts per 1 m² / 
– 2300$

number of parts / price per 1 m²


from 300 parts per 1 m², artistic painting,

complicating elements,

complicated design,

glass exclusive category / 
– 2600$



Delivery, installation and other overhead costs are added to the cost of the work.

Stained-glass windows in doors, windows and small items do not require complex load-bearing structures. In the manufacture of stained-glass ceilings, niches, partitions and stained-glass windows of large sizes, stiffening ribs, a profile are additionally used, and special fasteners and frames are used for installation.

Bearing structures are of varying complexity: steel frames for ceiling lights, frames with forging or laser cutting elements. The price of the supporting structure depends on many parameters and is therefore estimated separately.

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