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Master class for two 

"Small stained glass – in Tiffany technique

There are more and more places to go on a date in the city, but how to make the date perfect? Spending time together, new knowledge, great mood, beautiful stained glass windows! 

A truly amazing stained glass miniature, using the Tiffany technique, can be created at our master class with our stained glass artist!


Detailed artist's instructions will help you go through the entire painstaking process of making stained glass, stage by stage. At the master class you will learn: the features of choosing glass and working with a finished sketch, you will be able to assemble a stained-glass window, you will acquire the skills of cutting and processing glass, soldering seams.

The cost of a master class for two is 2950 UAH.

Colored stained glass and other materials are included in the cost of the master class. Chains, hangers, packing boxes are paid extra.

Registration for the master class  for two is here: