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stained glass workshop

«Solveig Stained Glass»

Kyiv, Ukraine, Konoplyanskaya st., 12

tel.: +38 (066) 060 92 47


About our workshop

Our workshop "Solveig" is engaged in the production of stained glass windows and souvenirs from art glass and ceramics. We hold master classes and are happy to share our skills and creative inspiration with you.


Мастер-класс, Suncatchers, Solveig Stained Glass, Kiyev 0783.JPG

Spend your weekend in creative euphoria. Learn the secrets of stained glass art under the guidance of our stained glass artist. Create not just a stylish little thing, but a real stained glass miniature that will become your talisman. Small Tiffany stained-glass windows made by you at the master class will be exclusive accessories.

*cost depends on the number of parts

UAH 1150, 1250, 1350*

Витражная мастерская, Solveig Stained Glass, Kiyev 7165.JPG

Tiffany stained glass with art painting on glass

Under the guidance of our stained glass artist, make a professionally painted stained glass window.
Detailed instructions from a specialist will help you go through the entire painstaking process of making a stained-glass window using the ancient technique, step by step. At the master class you will learn: the features of choosing glass and working with a finished sketch, you will be able to assemble a stained-glass window, acquire the skills of cutting and processing glass, soldering seams, make a painting.

4300, 4700 UAH

Мастер-класс витраж Suncatchers, Solveig Stained Glass, Kiyev 0343.jpg

"Fairytale house" -
in Tiffany technique


Small houses made of colored glass look festive. These houses are extraordinarily beautiful in appearance, deliver real aesthetic pleasure and cheer up even with their usual contemplation. Bright and colorful accent in your interior. Any of us can fall in love with these fabulous houses and admire them with great pleasure.

*cost depends on the number of parts and type of work

UAH 1800, 2000, 2400*

Витраж светильник, Solveig Stained Glass, Kiyev.jpg

"Stained glass lamp" -
in Tiffany technique

Tiffany stained glass lamp - vintage or ultra-modern, classic or neo-gothic (it all depends on your desire), create a stylish and elegant decor element for your interior.
We have developed sketches of various stained glass lamps. You can order a gift certificate for a product of any complexity, the price of a master class depends on the size, type of glass and the complexity of the selected product.

4200, 4900, 5600 UAH

витраж Suncatchers, Solveig Stained Glass, Kiyev.jpg

Our dreams are shining beacons. Dream, be inspired, think about happiness, more "light"! And we will help you move from a dream to a goal - to create a specific image of what you want and bring it to life at the "Sun Catcher" master class. The main purpose of the "Sun Catcher" stained glass window is to generate positive energy.

*cost depends on the number of parts and the size of the work

UAH 3900, 4900, 5400*

Витраж икона, Solveig Stained Glass.jpg

Icon - stained glass
in Tiffany technique

To this day, icon painting is considered the most difficult and rare art, which combines human capabilities and the divine principle. In the language of icon painting, writing an icon is a symbolic process of gradual disclosure of the image. The method of creating an icon preserves ancient traditions and written canons. Together with our stained glass artist, make a list (copy) of a canonical or other icon, according to your desire, using the technique of stained glass with artistic painting.

from 11600 UAH

June 2023